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eFilm Workstation DICOM image viewer

DICOM image viewer for diagnosis of medical images, endorsed by radiologists worldwide

This DICOM image viewer for diagnosis has an extensive track record among more than 40,000 users worldwide. With its superb balance of easy-to-use operability and rich functionality needed for interpreting radiographs on a monitor, it is endorsed by radiologists all over the world.

Enhanced basic functions needed for filmless image diagnosis

We have enhanced the basic functions needed for general radiograph interpreting work, such as comparing a series of past images synchronously, creating a simple MPR at hand, assigning shortcut keys, measuring CTR. The buttons are intuitive, too.

Enhanced export functions such as CD or DVD creation

When creating media with the easy viewer eFilm Lite, general purpose Word, Excel or PDF files can also be attached together with the image data.

Attaching a request form, report, etc. contributes to regional collaboration and helps to improve the informed consent of patients.

Can stand alone or be linked to other applications

A wide range of configurations are possible, from image management on a single terminal to collaboration with an image server, reporting system, etc.

It can link to applications of other companies by external program calling.

Main functions

Image display (zoom, rotate/flip, negative/positive conversion, negative display, thumbnail display)

Various measurement functions (distance, angle, ROI, CTR)

Window width/Level value adjustment (preset, F key)

Reference line display

Synchro display function (Automatically or manually position multiple series and display them synchronously)

MPR function, 3D cursor function, PET-CT fusion function

Patient/examination information display

Logged-in user management (Button menu management for each user)

Hanging protocol function (Optional layout display)

Image export function (DICOM, JPEG, BMP, AVI, etc.)

CD/DVD creation function (Easy viewer: With eFilm Lite, creates a data set in DICOM DIR format)

Product Information

Product name Diagnostic imaging workstation eFilm Workstation Model IFC201503
Certification No. 228AKBZX0010700
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