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iRad®-OT Orthopedic Image Viewer

DICOM image server supporting the move to filmless in the orthopedic surgery field

As filmless systems are used more and more in hospitals, implementing a radiology imaging workflow in the orthopedic surgery field on PACS has become a serious issue.

Filmless operation can only be implemented if it can at least equal on a monitor the particular measurements and templating previously carried out using film.

To realize such a filmless operation, Infocom窶冱 orthopedic surgery imaging system iRadツョ-OT has a built-in support guide and digital templates for taking specific measurements of each part of the body.

Utilizing Infocom窶冱 accumulated knowledge and technological capabilities in radiology, iRadツョ-OT meets the needs of a filmless environment in orthopedic surgery.

Professional measurement functions

iRadツョ-OT has plenty of advanced measurements required in orthopedic surgery built in as standard, including previously set measurements such as the Sharp angle, FTA, Cobb angle, lumbar vertebra sliding ratio, hallux valgus and CORA, and the 窶徘erpendicular line from an arbitrary point on a line segment窶, 窶徑ine connecting the midpoints of 2 line segments窶.


Implant simulation

iRadツョ-OT has the digital templates of major manufacturers built in.

It shows lists according to manufacturer or body part, and users can save their favorite templates they normally use.


Customized measurement functions

iRadツョ-OT can also create a customized measurement guide combining various measurement tools. The created measurement guide can also be used between users by folder management.


Magnification correction function

Magnification correction is also possible using an iron ball or measure.

If there is no standard object in an image, magnification correction can be done by inputting numerical values.


Actual size display/output to Windows printer

By registering the size of the monitor, images can be displayed on it to any magnification.
Can also be printed on a Windows printer.

Flexible system configuration - In-hospital & inter-hospital collaboration

It can be built from two types, a work station or a web server, according to purpose and cost. Partner hospitals can share the server and use simulation tools.


Product Information

Product name Image Diagnosis Work Station iRad-IA縲Model IFC201502
Certification No. 228AKBZX0010600

* 縲This product is the orthopedic surgery option for the Image Diagnosis Work Station iRad-IA Model IFC201502.

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