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iRad®-RW Radiology Reporting System

As medical image diagnoses on computer display become more common due to the elimination of films, radiologists are required to deliver high-quality reports quickly.

iRad-RW has various radiology report creation support tools, helping to create clear, accurate reports more efficiently. As well as writing reports, it has many functions utilizing gathered data, such as case retrieval, radiogram interpretation data analysis. iRad-RW is a high-performance reporting system that addresses the various needs of radiologists.

Design in pursuit of usability

It is simple to make changes that improve ease-of-use, such as by positioning required content freely on the screen, and displaying infrequently used items only when needed.

We have also reduced the strain of mouse operation due to using wider and higher-definition monitor by enhancing control via short-cut keys and pop-up menus.


Diverse report input functionality

As well as creating reports by freely inputting text, the most suitable input templates can be used for each examination.

iRad-RW also offers clickable schema templates for painting over areas of interest with a click, and can be a powerful aid for reporting in sectors other than radiology.

There are also templates that change dynamically depending on the input content, and buttons for performing calculations based on numbers entered into the template, which facilitate the optimization and standardization of work.

システム画面 システム画面

Report creation support tool

・Pattern sentences

・Re-use of material from past reports

・Comparison display with update history

・Send comments/return comments

A comment can be sent to the next person interpreting a radiograph, or in reply when returning a radiograph.

Case database function

Full-text searches can be done of all entered content. Required cases can be found quickly and reliably by various search methods.

From these search results, reports can also be categorized and lists produced.

In-hospital report distribution

Written reports can be distributed over an in-hospital intranet. Links to electronic clinical records, etc. make the use of such reports very efficient. Report reference conditions can also be entered.


Failure countermeasures

If the system shuts down abnormally without saving a report due to an unforeseen failure such as the client terminal malfunctioning or being powered off, the report can be recovered from obfuscated and temporarily saved data.

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