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J-Reporter Drug Check Systems for Drugs Brought by Patients

Drug Check Systems for Drugs Brought by Patients, enabling process flow from reporting of medication brought in to continuation instructions

The management of medication brought in is an important task for ward pharmacists in hospitals from the perspective of using drugs appropriately and preventing medical accidents. J-Reporter was created to offer check for drugs brought by patients .

Search functions

J-Reporter can use the same search functions as our DICS drug information retrieval system.

The drug monograph document information of a searched drug can be browsed, and a search for a replacement drug of the same type and efficacy as a drug sorted by its identification characters, marks and company name can easily identify such a drug without having to re-enter anything.

Simple and easy operation

Patient information can be checked from electronic medical record system.

It is convenient to search past prescriptions, including inpatient and outpatient, and re-use those required parts.

Day-count calculations and irregular prescriptions can be easily input with a single click.

Brought-in medication reports and statistical tables

Report details are output as detailed information with a drug image attached, and can be checked in list format or as a monthly statistical report.

PICSweb integration

Report details are all displayed on the patient information screen of the PICSweb drug management and guidance support system. Furthermore, a drugs for which continuation instructions have been issued by a doctor are color-coded on a medication history calendar as brought-in drug orders, and can be managed by ordinary drug administration guidance, such as by outputting drug instructions as with a prescription/injection order.

※When PICSweb is installed.

Drug information data

J-Reporter includes drug monograph information and drug image data for all NHI price listed drugs This data is updated 4 times/year or 12 times/year based on a coherent management system from the gathering to the sending of information.

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