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PICSKs Drug Management & Medication Guidance Support System

A drug management & medication guidance support system enabling flexible integration with various systems

PICSks can be integrated flexibly to various systems. Users can use their input data on PICSks. It reduces the burden of double input tasks, and makes maximum use of the merits of system integration.

Medication guidance patient list

The guidance status of patients is displayed in calendar format using different symbols and colors.

Patient information

・Patient information necessary for medication guidance
・Master data registration for other systems integrated with PICS-KS

Medication history reference

・All drugs including injections are shown for each month.

・The display order can be changed according to dosage form or drug type, medication history printed out, drugs brought in recorded, drug information browsed, and drug interactions checked.

Editing of drug instructions

・Any drugs can be selected from the medication history and their instructions output. The instructions can be edited, saved and re-used for individual patients or departments.

・The sequence of drugs displayed and the drug images can also be changed.

Medication guidance results registration

・PICSks supports recording not only in free format but also in SOAP format for each problem.

・Utilizing a terminology dictionary and past data as well as template functions significantly reduces recording work.

・PICSks can also send receipt registration information and electronic medical records of guidance documents.

Other features

Strong support for operations using various master files

・Drug instruction data (4 times/year or 12 times/year, distributed online)

・Drug monograph information (4 times/year or 12 times/year)

・Drug-drug interaction checks, drug-disease checks (4 times/year or 12 times/year)

・Problem master file, disease name master file

Prescription history search

Search for patients prescribed with that drug within that period

Wide range of documents

A wide range of documents provided as standard to support drug related work

・Table of medication guidance results by ward pharmacist

・Statistical table automatically computed from monthly receipt registration

・Schedule management chart

・Printed stickers for drug notebooks

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