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DPC-Management Hospital Management Support System

DPC-Management supports hospital management and analysis by DPC data analysis

DPC-Management supports the implementation of a PDCA cycle, from understanding the current situation to making a plan, by DPC, by department, etc. using Form 1 and Files E, F and D. Data analysis and utilization can also be broadened by linking to discharge summary and other medical information and adding information other than investigation data.

Fixed report

Revenue analysis

Shows the amount of revenue by hospital department and by DPC. DPC can be displayed in detail by drilling down from MDC -> basic DPC -> DPC.

DPC balance analysis

Displays the difference between comprehensive amount and the volume exchange amount by department and by DPC

Patient number analysis

Displays patient numbers by department and by DPC (surgery or not, department transfer or not) Patient number trends can also be displayed in a time series.

Analysis of no. of days hospitalized

Displays the average number of days hospitalized and the number of days before and after surgery by department and by DPC.

Other analysis

Carries out trial calculations for brand name and generic drugs, statistically analyzes overnight stays away from hospital, analyzes patient attributes, etc.

Operating environment & Infocom recommended specs

Server side

■Machine specs

・CPU: Intel Xeon or higher

・Memory: 2 GB or more

・Hard disk: 1.0 TB or more (depending on data storage period)

■Compatible software

・Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition

・Oracle 11g

・Others: Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Mobile Analysis Version 8.2 (Windows)

Client side

■Machine specs

・CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher

・Memory: 1 GB or more

・Hard disk: 80 GB or more

■Compatible software

・Windows XP Professional or later

・Other: Microsoft Office 2003 or later

Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Mobile Analysis Version 8.2 (Windows)

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