Healthcare IT

We support the improvement of quality in healthcare through the advanced use of healthcare information

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Infocom supports the improvement of quality in healthcare by providing software products, solutions and information services in the areas of medical record management, drug information management, hospital management support, radiology information, and medical imaging.
Infocom will continue to contribute to social innovations through the development and sales of package solutions and systems integrations for the medical and healthcare fields.

Radiology & Medical Imaging

Radiology & medical imaging
We provide strong support for the everyday work of radiologic technologists. We can build a flexible system tailored to in-hospital operations.

Clinical Information Management

Medical information management
We firmly support the everyday work of medical information management. We assist in establishing a more effective, advanced in-hospital medical record management system from the perspective of system use and information utilization.

Drug Information Management

Diagnostic & management support
We firmly support the everyday work of pharmacists. We establish a drug information management system which is effective for dosage management and medication guidance.

Surgery & Nursing Management

Surgery & nursing information management
We offer optimal solutions in surgery, nursing, etc.

Hospital Information Management

Drug information management
Management support: We deliver an efficient system in terms of management by cashflow analysis.
Diagnostic support: We deliver a variety of templates enabling effective entry and management of medical information.

Disaster Recoverys & Emergencies

Disaster recovery & emergencies
We quickly and reliably issue messages and communications during emergencies and conduct safety confirmation during disasters, etc., through various means such as phone calls or online via computer and/or smartphone.

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