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iRad®-RT Radiation Therapy Information System

In the radiation therapy workplace, medical staff coordinate and utilize a wide variety of information, making “team medicine” vital in the treatment of each patient.

Because iRad-RT supports team medicine systematically, it enhances information sharing functions and achieves integrated management of radiotherapy.

Functions strongly promoting team medicine

We have upgraded our screens for radiation therapy professionals to understand and share the status of treatment, and screens for registering records, including adverse events and images. The new iRad-RT strongly supports team medicine by ensuring that information is passed smoothly between radiation oncologists, radiology technicians, radiation physicists, nurses, receptionists and clerks.


Package covering complex radiotherapy tasks

We have provided menu buttons exclusively for the professionals involved in the radiotherapy. Starting with the work list, they can issue the treatment plan imaging order, launch the treatment information management screen, etc.


For safe irradiation

Treatment plan approval by a doctor and daily irradiation approval mean that irradiation can be carried out with peace of mind. Patient mix-ups are prevented by installing a terminal in the irradiation chamber and using the patient’s facial photographic image and treated patient authentication. Information such as posture, fixtures, comments can be referred to during setup, so that treatment can be carried out very accurately, safely and effectively.

Also, conducting quality assurance and quality control of the radiotherapy equipment using the “QA/QA control function” means higher quality radiotherapy is provided.


Information sharing functions lead to operational efficiency

We have enhanced the information input support functions so that information required during treatment can be easily registered.

 ・Treatment information management registration in wizard format

 ・Adverse event input support

 ・Irradiation order batch registration


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