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DICS-MASTER Drug Information Database

DICS-MASTER is a drug information database created based on drug monograph information.

Includes 18,000 medical drugs

This database includes not only NHI listed drugs but also major drugs used on many hospitals.

Maintenance by full-time pharmacist

Infocom has full-time pharmacist team maintaining the database based on daily updates to drug monograph information.

A database born from a wealth of our expertise

Since 1995, we have provided various DI system for pharmacists. We put all the expertise and knowhow of handling drug information in hospitals in DICS-MASTER.

Use cases

DICS-MASTER can be used for various purposes.

・It can be used to check prescriptions on electronic medical record systems.
 *Combining it with our DICS-PS prescription check system enables even more advanced checking.

・It can be used as a drug master file for electronic medical records.
It includes various drug codes such as YJ codes, HOT codes etc.

・It can be used for receipt checks and receipt analysis.

Data Services

Data update: The latest drug information is constantly provided, with data updates four times a year or twelve times a year.

Data format: CSV

Provided media: DVD-R

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