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Ward Meister Ward Pharmacist Support System

Ward Meister supports ward pharmacy services.

Ward Meister supports to secure the “ward pharmacy services additional fee” in the national health insurance fee scheme.

Ward Meister has time management function and ward pharmacist work support function. The work time data of ward pharmacists can be output in a CSV file, which is convenient for creating work statistics forms later. Being a web-based system, data input is also possible from any terminal. With ward pharmacist work support function, patients can be monitored by ward, and drug interactions, high risk and flow rate/dosage can be checked.

Ward Meister can be integrated to the medication guidance of Infocom’s PICSks.

Work results reference

Ward Meister displays one month’s work results by pharmacist and by ward, helping to achieve 20 hours/week

Work time input

Inputs the daily work times of each duties by pharmacist and by ward.

Document output

Ward Meister can output a daily work report by ward (Form 30) and an employee list (Form 20).

Results data CSV file output

Any period can be set and the results data output in CSV format.

They can be used as various statistical data.

 *This diagram illustrates use with Excel.

Patient monitoring

Ward Meister shows the prescription information of patients by ward on the monitoring screen in real time.

It lists the drug interaction check results, high risk drugs, etc. for each prescription, enabling prescriptions that need special attention to be easily picked up.

Medication guidance information registration

Medication guidance information is input for each prescription and each patient by day.

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