Healthcare IT

We support the improvement of quality in healthcare through the advanced use of healthcare information

Drug Information ManagementWe firmly support the everyday work of pharmacists. We deliver a drug information management system which is effective for dosage management and medication guidance.



Drug Information System

DICS provides drug information retrieval with excellent flexibility and expandability.


Drug Management & Medication Guidance Support System (Web System)

PICS supports medication guidance of ward pharmacists.


Prescription Check System

DICS-PS support prescription check in hospitals.


Drug Management & Medication Guidance Support System (Dispensing support system integrated version)

PICSks provides medication guidance support for a new era, enabling flexible linkage with various systems.


Drug Check Systems for Drugs Brought by Patients

J-Reportercanbe linked to electronic medical records, supporting a series of functions from sorting drugs brought in to report creation and continuation instructions.

Ward Meister

Ward Pharmacist Support System

Ward Meister can be linked to drug management, supporting ward pharmacy services from the perspectives of time management and performance management.


Drug Master Management System

DMEntry supports the centralization of drug master files of systems running in a hospital, based on DICS-MASTER, an integrated drug information database.


Drug Information Database

DICS-MASTER is used to check prescriptions when they are ordered or when a dispensing inspection is done, and that can be used as the drug master of an electronic medical record system or prescription support system.

Drug Information
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