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DICS Drug Information System

Strong support for pharmacists work. Drug information retrieval system with excellent flexibility and expandability

DICS is a drug information retrieval system that can be flexibly tailored to its installation environment, whether stand alone or linked to electronic medical records, ordering systems, dispensing systems, etc.

It can be used seamlessly alongside other systems in the modern medical workplace, comfortably providing high reliability and a wealth of information based on a stable environment.

Complete monograph document information

・The drug image, drug price and generic drug mark are shown in a monograph original issued by MEDIS-DC.

・The latest information is constantly provided, with data updates four times a year or twelve times a year.

Convenient search functions

・Drug name search: Searches by a combination of product name, generic name, efficacy classification, etc.

・Ascertain search: Searches by a combination of identification characters, dosage form, etc.

・Full-text search: Searches for words designated from set paragraphs of the whole monograph.

・Generics search: Searches for drugs with the same efficacy classification or generic name (or ingredient) as a specified drug.

Ascertain report creation function

・Sets the basic information needed for an ascertain report, as well as the paragraph name and format, and creates a report with photos.

・Ascertain results can be output to a CSV or PDF file.

Drug-drug interaction checking function

・Drug-drug interaction can be checked from the description in the monograph. Highly accurate checks are achieved by using synonyms.

Other system integration

・As a DI system, DICS can call information directly from an electronic clinical record system or ordering system. This means that not only pharmacists can check monographs. Drug interactions can be checked in this way, too.

Drug catalog creation support system (DBook)

・The contents of attached documents can be edited in a word processor by downloading to Microsoft Word®.

・After the main document is edited, a number of unified and easily viewable indexes are created.

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