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Patient Folder Clinical Record and Film Location Management System

Provides support from location management and various summary acceptance management to digitized data browsing function

Patient Folder reduces work times in the clinical information management sector by systematizing the location management of medical records and films, and enables the delivery of medical records by the shortest route by publishing medical record and film location information during outpatient delivery in web format, thereby shortening waiting times for outpatients.



Lending and returning medical records

・This screen is for registering lending & returning medical records for each patient.

・When registering lending, the borrower and the purpose of the lending can be selected and the lending easily processed.

・Lending comments can also be entered for each patient to notify of any delay in delivery to the outpatients department.

・Being linked to the ordering system, Patient Folder makes it easy to process lending while checking lending contract information on the screen.

・It can also automatically link to medical record shelves.


Outpatients (admissions) booking batch delivery screen

・Being linked to the ordering system, Patient Folder carries out delivery registration in batches based on booking information.

・It also supports delivery registration by narrowing down the delivery scope, such as by hospital department, booking item.

・It can also interlock with an automatic medical record shelves.


Online arrival confirmation screen

・The medical record or film number and patient number are set, and confirmation and registration of arrival of the medical record or film is done online.

・The location of the medical record or film in any department of the hospital can be confirmed online.


Admission clinical record acceptance screen

・Registers the acceptance information of admission clinical records and various types of summaries.

・Apart from patient comments, admission medical record acceptance comments and summary acceptance comments can also be registered.

・Discharge medical record organization status and inspection information can also be registered.


Operating environment & Infocom recommended specs

Server side

・CPU: Xeon or higher

・Memory: 2 GB or more

・Hard disk: 80 GB × 3 (RAID 5) or more (also depends on data storage period)

・OS: Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server R2

・DB: Oracle Database Standard Edition (Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g)

・Other hardware: CD-ROM drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse, LAN environment, backup device (DAT, etc.), UPS, etc.

・Software: Backup software pcAnywhere 12.0

Client side

・CPU: Pentium 4 or later

・Memory: 512 MB or more

・Hard disk: 500 MB or more free space

・OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

・Browser: Internet Explorer 6 (SP2) or later

・DB: Oracle Database Standard Edition (Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g)

・Other hardware: CD-ROM drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse, LAN environment, printer

・Software: Microsoft Word, Excel (2000, XP, 2003, 2010)

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