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V-FAST Emergency Vehicle Video Transmission System

Emergency Vehicle Video Transmission System

Transmission of clear, high-quality video at low bandwidth from emergency vehicles to hospitals

V-Fast can quickly transmit the patient's situation from the emergency vehicles to the hospital even at low bandwidth of mobile phone networks.

With V-Fast, hospital staffs can grasp the situation at a glance rather than rely on verbal communications with ambulance crews . It is highly effective for preparing treatment for the patient, instructing the ambulance crew on emergency treatment, and selecting a hospital for the patient based on the symptoms and circumstances.

Usage scenario

V-Fast uses a mobile phone line to transmit camera images and biomonitoring images from the ambulance to the relevant hospital in real time. Clear images enable the hospital team to prepare treatment or instruct the ambulance crew.

V-FAST can be integrated to various other systems to support disaster and emergency medical treatment, such as systematizing transport record management with digital pens, sharing still images with smartphones.

Transmits extremely high quality video images by low bandwidth mobile phone transmission


  • 1. V-Fast can transmit high-quality images by low bandwidth
  • 2. Color reproducibility, high resolution, pixelation, low disturbance
  • 3. Small, lightweight, power-saving (Can carry out of vehicle)
  • 4. Software compatibility enables easy customization
  • 5. Server system means no limit to the number of ambulances and hospitals
  • 6. Uses optimum communications infrastructure for the region optimal selection of a mobile carrier
  • 7. Neither ambulance crew nor hospital staff need to operate system (fully automated)
  • 8. Data can be backed up (Recording function option)
  • 9. Reduced installation and running cost
    (ASP rental server can be used)
    (Reduced running cost, communications use flat-rate system)

Main specifications

Image format Original format (software codec)
Receiver side: Supports various formats (Can work with smartphone, etc. to suit user's circumstances)
(image size)
Usual emergency image transmission: 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768
Size needs to be adjusted according to transmission rate (image quality priority, frame number priority)
Transmission rate 100 kbps, 10FPS0 max. 15 FPS, when transmitting at above resolution
*Frames may be dropped from the video if the transmission rate falls considerably.
Interface Video (RGB) composite S video special connector can be remodeled
Track record of connection to biomonitors of different manufacturers (3-lead, 12-lead)
Max. no. of ambulances from which video can be received
Max. no. of hospitals (smartphones) that can be transmitted to
Depends on the scale of the receiving center server (Basically 5 to 100 ambulances)
Depends on the scale of the transmitting center server (Basically 5 to 50 hospitals)
Compatible data transmission 3G, 4G, LTE, other existing wireless communication devices
Compatible hardware (in-vehicle) On-board computer: Intel core i5 or later Memory: 2 GB or more Built-in battery, AC adapter included In-vehicle cameras, various video cameras, web cameras Built-in battery, AC adapter included
Compatible hardware (receiving hospital) laptop, desktop PC, smartphone (Android), tablet (Windows) iPad iPhone

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