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RT Image Viewer Radiation therapy image viewer

As radiation therapy cases increase and radiation therapy more precise, the management of DICOM-RT data such as dose distribution is more important than ever.
Utilizing Infocom's accumulated knowledge and technological capabilities in radiology image management, RT Image Viewer can connect online with therapy planning devices and therapeutic devices and deliver long-term storage and reference applications of DICOM-RT data.

Because it can distribute the same images to not only radiotherapy departments but also other hospital departments that request radiation therapy, RT Image Viewer strongly promotes the use of radiation therapy data.

Data storage

Radiation therapy data can be stored in DICOM-RT format. RT Image Viewer supports the storage of information on plan images, RT plans, RT structure sets, RT doses and RT images, enabling the integrated management of external irradiation and brachytherapy plan images. Because data is stored and output in DICOM-RT format, past data can continue to be used even if the planning device is renewed with one from another company.

* Data verification may be required.


Coordination with treatment RIS iRad®-RT

Imaging and graph information saved on the server, such as dose distribution diagrams, beam’s eye view, DVH can be referenced while checking treatment information with the treatment RIS iRad®-RT. Text, image and graph information and any data obtained from it can be used comprehensively to check treatment details and assess treatment results. In addition, images, reports etc. from irradiation devices or collation devices as well as PACS, digital cameras etc. can be referenced from the treatment RIS iRad®-RT. We expect it to be used not only with standard treatment methods but also in situations such as sharing information among staff, explaining to patients.

Image reference

Various viewing functions
 ・WW/WL change ・Stack
 ・Zoom ・Pan ・ROI drawing
DVH graph display
MPR display
Beam's eye view display
Image input/output
 ・Copy to clipboard
 ・Save as JPEG
 ・Secondary capture
 ・DICOM capture



Referral CD/DVD output function

RT Image Viewer can produce a CD or DVD for taking treatment images to other facilities for patient referrals, etc.

It can create a disk in the IHE-established PDI (Portable Data for Imaging) format, enabling images to be displayed using a viewer stored on the disk. The data taken out conforms to DICOM standards, enabling data be used for treatment at a referred facility, and promoting not only regional cooperation but also the implementation of highly precise treatment and data use.

Example of system linkage


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* Specifications shown here are correct as of April 1, 2015.

Product information

Brand name Image Diagnosis Work Station iRad-IA Model IFC201502
Certification No. 228AKBZX00106000

*  This product is the treatment viewer option for the Image Diagnosis Work Station iRad-IA Model IFC201502.

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