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iRad®-RS Radiology Information System

Utilizing various experiences on system configuration, Infocom's iRad-RS comes with all the built-in functions that the complex workflow of a radiology department demands. The system provides intuitive operation and visibility for use in everyday work.

We have expanded the system's output data by extending its range of application, and improved its stability and performance in anticipation of its long-term use. iRad-RS constantly delivers new solutions to support the workflow of the ever-changing radiology sector.

Total support for radiology workflow

iRad-RS provides optimal functionality throughout the radiology process, including accepting patient and examination information from the ordering system and electronic clinical records, and sending examination orders received, examination information registration, and accounting information.

Our extensive track record of connection with various companies' electronic clinical records and device manufacturers facilitates smooth collaboration.

Design delivers usability

It is simple to make changes that improve ease-of-use, such as by positioning required content freely on the screen, and displaying infrequently used items only when needed.

We have also reduced the strain of mouse operation due to using wider and higher-definition monitor by enhancing control via short-cut keys and pop-up menus.

Data pickup tool

This is a general data extraction tool for using gathered data. In combination with Excel tools, it can easily aggregate data extracted under various conditions, as required.

Frequently used extraction conditions and extraction items can be saved as a set, enabling aggregation through analysis to be done with a single click.

Expansion of range of support for RI examination operational flow

We support the operational workflow of RI examination: from drug prescription through examination.

We offer everything from the ordering of the RI drug to its receipt, disposal, and the submission of a legal report, according to the system's range of application at the facility. We can also conduct strict control of regulation (milking, labeling, dispensing) and inventory control of labeling kits.

Extensive functionality optimizes radiology work

Work scheduling

A work timetable is created showing examination rooms, holidays, and days after a night shift, on which sector members can be assigned to examination rooms and their scheduled days off can be recorded and managed.

Sector portal

The system's menu includes Messenger, a bulletin board, and a file-sharing function, enabling it to be used as a portal for the radiology sector. Created work schedules can also be checked.

Device inspection management & device malfunction recording

Medical device inspections, malfunctions and repairs can be recorded and managed. Statistical data such as the number of failures, average down time can be output. Mammography machine quality control and accuracy management tables can also be output.

National hospital statistics

Common statistics at national hospital facilities can be output. Required medical fee points can also be totaled on a radiology department work total report.

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