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CWS Nursing Management System

CWS, Nursing Management System, supports various jobs in the nursing department, such as staff management, roster management, overtime management, training management, various committee management, nurse education management. CWS comply with labor related laws, rules and the Japanese Nursing Association's Guidelines on Night Shifts and Shift Work.

Staff management Staff list, basic staff information, license information, qualification information, education record information, committee information, group membership information, long-term holiday information, maternity/childcare leave, work history information, contact address information, family information, search & data output, deployment list
Roster creation Roster creation, time schedules, error checks, automatic creation, rosters, basic hospitalization fee calculation
Overtime management Working time input, overtime application list, overtime approval status reference, overtime order book (work time management book), salary data output
Education support Training plan, training course participation history, career ladder, new nurse skills check
Management logs Ward log, outpatients log, nurse management log, surgery log, special outpatients log, etc
Interface Information linkage with electronic medical records, personnel salary, surgery system

Roster creation function

CWS makes rosters easy to view and use with colors and display size to be freely changed. CWS comply to the Japanese Nursing Association's Guidelines on Night Shifts and Shift Work, and can check night shift frequency, number of consecutive working days, consecutive days off at weekends, etc.

Staff attendance at hospital can be checked in real time based on system time recorders, IC card linkage, and attendance stamps.

Time schedule function

As working styles become increasingly diverse, rosters are required to show planning and results management in hourly units. A time schedule enables the daily work status to be understood in hourly units, and work symbols enable information that is difficult to express in words to be checked at a glance, such as time spent away from the workplace for training, committees.

Overtime management function

With CWS's web-based viewing feature, overtime information can be checked from electronic clinical records and ordering systems at any terminals in hospital.

Staff management functions

CWS enables the management of basic information such as name, age and other information specific to the nursing profession such as licenses, qualifications and information about the Nursing Association.

Staff information can be linked to the education support functions and used as a talent management.

Education support functions

CWS supports a series of tasks from in-hospital training planning to staff's course participation reports.

Course participation results can be linked to work management and reflected in basic hospitalization fee calculations.

CWS also creates an evaluation sheet for each level of the ladder, supporting the process of self-evaluation and 360 degree evaluations up until certification.

Expansion to attendance management system

CWS is expandable to a hospital's overall attendance management system, including an attendance management function linked to IC card readers.

It enables unified overtime working hours management, paid leave usage status management, and attendance information management using stamps, as called for in the work style reform bill.

Operating environment & Infocom recommended specs

Server side

・ECPU: Xeon or higher

・EMemory: 8 GB or more

・EHDD: 800 GB RAID-1 or higher

・EOS: Windows 2016 Server 64 bit or more

・EDB: Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express Edition or later

・EOther hardware: CD-ROM drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse, LAN environment, backup device (DAT, etc.), UPS, etc.

・ESoftware: Backup software

Client side

・ECPU: Core 2 or later

・EMemory: 4 GB or more

・EHDD: 10 GB or more free space

・EOS: Windows 10

・EBrowser: Internet Explorer 11 or later

・EOther software: Microsoft Excel (2016 or later), Adobe Reader (PDF browsing)

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