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ORCHID Surgery Information Management System

ORCHID is an all-in-one surgery information management system including surgery schedule management, creation of various records, and data output and maintenance from accounts and statistics, etc.

ORCHID supports integrations with electronic medical records, and various medical devices, etc., We offer systems integration services for various environments of hospitals.

Schedule management

The surgery schedule and status can be checked at a glance.

Surgery requests

The operating room, starting time, etc. can be altered by registering or revising the surgery schedule.

Surgery information input

The drugs and materials used during an operation are registered according to the type of operation, disease name, etc. (*Barcodes also can be supported)

Anesthetic recording (option)

Customizable anesthetic recording

・ORCHID can be linked to various medical devices that enable an external output to a monitor, etc., and information sent from the device can be automatically read and displayed graphically or numerically.

・Information from the connected medical device is automatically registered, so anesthetic recording can also be input after surgery.

・By selecting from various input methods such as keyboard, mouse, touch panel, the user can find the most suitable operating method.

・Two-way data sharing with nursing records prevents input omissions and duplication.

・Anesthetic records, etc. can also be browsed from computers outside operation rooms.

・Registered records can be printed out or saved in a PDF file and sent to electronic clinical records, etc.

・Recorded details can be reflected in the JSA anesthesia ledger.

Nursing records (Option)

Multiple forms can be created according to the type of operation, department, etc.

Registration can be done easily by inputting a template format.

Web -based viewing function

Surgery schedules and created records are available to wards and outpatients department through web-based viewing function.

Logs and statistics

Log and statistics related data extraction and report creation can be done from the registered data of surgery schedules, anesthetic records, nursing records, etc.

Extracted data can be output in Excel format, etc.

Electronic medical record integration (Option)

Operation schedules and implementation information can be integrated with various electronic medical records.

Visit records (Option)

Details of preoperative and postoperative visits to a patient by anesthetists, nurses, etc. can be recorded.

Operating environment & Infocom recommended specs

Server side

・CPU: Xeon 2.40 GHz or higher

 *Normally can work with 1 CPU (2 or more recommended if there are 5 or more operating rooms)

・Memory: 8 GB or more

 *Normally can work with 4 GB (8 GB or more recommended if there are 5 or more operating rooms)

・HDD: SAS RAID-5 Actual capacity 800 GB or more (Adjusted required according to storage period and system scale)

 *Partition segmentation C-drive: 80 GB, D-drive: Remaining capacity

・OS: Windows 2008 Server 64 bit or more

・DB: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition or later (Japanese edition)

 *Please also purchase client licenses according to the number of clients connected

 *If it is necessary to connect to an electronic clinical record DB, an Oracle client is also needed.

・Others: CD-ROM, monitor, keyboard, mouse, LAN environment, UPS (including power management software), backup device (compatible with backup software)

・Software: [1] Backup software (ARCServe)

     [2] Microsoft Office Professional 2010 or later

     [3] Remote maintenance software

     [4] Antivirus software (compatible with in-hospital information system)

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