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DMEntry Drug Master Management System

DMEntry supports the centralization of drug master files of systems running in a hospital, based on DICS-MASTER, an integrated drug information database

DMEntry supports the centralization of the drug master files of systems running in medical institutions, and links to DICS-MASTER, Infocom's medical drug information database for hospitals. This system can improve the efficiency of creating a drug master file.

In-hospital drug code numbering function

DMEntry automatically generates an in-hospital drug code for each adopted DICS-MASTER drug. The tool forms the core of a system supporting the uniform management of drug master files in hospitals. It can be set to automatic numbering or manual numbering for individual prescription drug master files or injection drug master files.

File output function for dispensing support system

Items required for the dispensing support system can be output in XML file format.

The addition of in-hospital drug codes eliminates drug code input errors during maintenance.

Electronic medical record drug master registration function

This registers an automatically numbered drug master file as the electronic medical record's drug master file.

Various forms of registration method are available, including a database direct update method, an intermediate database reference method, and a file (CSV or XML format) IF method.

DMEditor integration function

By integrating to DMEditor, Infocom's drug package integrated master maintenance tool, DMEntry automatically applies adopted drug information (in-hospital drug codes, adoption level, etc.) to products.

Drug interaction checking master output function

The drug-drug interaction checking master can be output.

A file of all drug combinations can be output in the electronic clinical record's checking master layout, for checking adopted drugs only or medications brought in.

Brought-in medication master providing function

The all-drug master file for medications brought in can be output in the same layout as the electronic clinical record drug master file.

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