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DICS-PS Prescription Check System

Comprehensively supports in-hospital prescription checks

Promotes master unification and efficient master maintenance

Infocom's new prescription check system, DICS-PS, is aimed at the safe use of drugs. Its contents and data maintenance function can be used comprehensively and diversely with hospital information systems such as electronic medical record systems and ordering systems.

Monitoring the results of checks in event logs

・DICS-PS monitors prescription check results, errors and approval status.

・Errors are highlighted by the background color and listed approval status and checking details.

・Dates and the types of errors can be set for search.

Error details

・Details of errors and approval status can be checked.

・The details of patient profiles and order information are displayed, and the check results and approval details are displayed.

DI reference on order input screen

・If there are errors in the check results, they are sorted according to error level and drug names.

・The error details can also be checked with the DI.

Comprehensive maintenance

・The various check data used in the prescription check system, the images and descriptions used in the drug management & medication guidance support system (PICS), and the adopted drug information used in the DI system are set, and edited information is shared with each system.

Prescription check

・Drug-drug interaction check ・Disease contraindication check ・Drug allergy check ・Duplication check ・Dosage check ・Administered period check ・Patient condition check ・Drug attribute check ・Drug incompatibility check

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