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PICSweb Drug Management & Medication Guidance Support System

Drug management and medication guidance support for sharing medical information using the latest technologies and new ideas

PICSweb offers various kinds of supports for more efficient medication guidance than before, and has dramatically improved operability and visibility.
With PICSweb, ward pharmacists in hospitals, who are required to have great expertise in drugs, can offer medication guidance for patients less stress.


・On the worklist, ward pharmacists can check progress of the medication guidance, from guidance preparation to the completion of a report and receipt information registration.

・With the worklist, they can minimize the oversight of guidance, and when there are many patients to be guided, it enables guidance preparation, implementation status and receipt information to be recorded and sent all together.

Patient information

・If the recorded patient information differs from the latest order information, an exclamation mark is displayed.

Medication history

・PICSweb provides prescription history for each patients.

・Clicking on a drug’s name displays its DI information.

・When a patient brings in his/her own drugs, drug-drug interaction check can be done with drugs already prescribed for the patient.

Medication guidance recording

・Medication guidance history can be registered with just one click through medical guidance history information.

・The template function supports the creation of care plans.

・Completed records are sent to electronic medical records so that doctors and nurses can also browse them.


・The overall schedule shows 15 days of medical guidance for patients.

・Each individual schedule shows one month’s guidance status and event information.

Output of various documents

・PICSweb outputs a wide range of documents such as drug management and medication guidance reports, discharge drug administration guides, guidance statistical tables.

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