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iRad®-IA PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)

A high-performance DICOM image server that can support small- to large-scale hospitals in becoming filmless

This is a DICOM image server with an image reference function.

By achieving a filmless enterprise environment, it enables high-speed simple image reference using wavelet compression, and highly expandable and scalable system configuration according to the scale of the installation.

System configuration

The system features high scalability according to the scale of the installation.

It can achieve high availability by using redundant configuration. It also supports post-operative server expansion and disk expansion. The system’s excellent expandability means it can even be installed gradually.

Image storage

The compression ratio of stored images can be specified for each modality.

Auto-route setting according to DICOM tag information is possible.

More detailed settings are also available, such as “Only store thick slice images of CT image”. Images from multiple facilities can be stored on one server, and images between facilities can be set to open or closed in the permission settings, enabling secure local and remote medical care.



System linkage

Images or examination lists can be displayed by URL call.

Smooth linkage from electronic clinical records etc. is possible.



Web images can be distributed to terminals on the network.

The use of a unique protocol enables high-speed on-demand browsing of images.

Large volumes of data can also be browsed stress-free.

(Option) Complex measurements in orthopedic surgery are possible. This supports orthopedic surgery work that was previously difficult to achieve digitally.

Digital template functions enable preoperative simulations.

(Option) Supports IO (Intra Oral) display of digital images produced in dentistry. This enables system configuration with a view to filmless dentistry.



Product Information

Product name Image Diagnosis Work Station iRad-IA Model IFC201502
Certification No. 228AKBZX0010600
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