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Web-based Document Management Solution

In-hospital web-based document management solution

Provides a solution aimed at digitizing, recording and managing paper medical records, incident reports, nursing standards and manuals etc. generated in large amounts in hospitals, and searching and browsing that information. Digitized documents can be found quickly when a request is received from a user.

Time stamps and electronic signatures can also be added in order to comply with the Electronic Document Law.

Installation example 1: Management of electronic filing of paper clinical records

Installation example 2: Digitization of letters of referral, letters of consent and medical questionnaires using QR codes

Easy operability

・After the patient number, patient name, etc. are set, the medical record’s classification list appears as a table of contents image.

・On the medical record inquiry terminal, records can be viewed with only a browser.

・Can be linked to an electronic medical record system, enabling direct browsing of the system with just one click.

Easy registration and management

・Automatically classifies medical records using partitioned paper printed with QR codes or barcodes. This facilitates batch registration, which reduces the workload of processing large numbers of clinical records.

・Digitized medical records can be stored in a format with a time stamp and electronic signature added.

Digitization of incident report management

Report creation function

・In addition to MHLW designated items, information unique to the hospital can also be added.

・A separate report can be created for each incident.

・Registered information can be downloaded in CSV format.


・To use MyQuick, a user ID and password must be entered.

・It is possible to set restrictions on which documents can be browsed.

・A record of the browsing log can be extracted.

High-speed search functions

・Various search functions included as standard (RDBMS, built into search engine)

・The required document can be referenced immediately from a large number of stored documents.

Operating environment & Infocom recommended specs

Server side

・Recommended machine specs
CPU: 1 GHz or faster recommended
Memory: 1 GB or more recommended
HDD: 50 MB (system capacity)

・Compatible OS
Windows 2003, 2008 Virtualization also OK
UNIX/Linux: Contact us

Web server (Same as MyQuick server OK)

・Recommended machine specs
CPU: 1 GHz or faster recommended
Memory: 1 GB or more recommended
HDD: 20 MB (system capacity)

・Compatible Web server
Internet Information Services 6.0 or later

Client side

・OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7

・Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP2) or later

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