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Emergency Call Safety Confirmation System

Safety Confirmation System

A safety confirmation system for emergency contact to hospital staff, during disasters, etc.

When hospital staffs have to be convened urgently, Emergency Call contacts them “until contact is made” and “repeatedly” by various communication media such as phone, email, fax, smart device app.

Especially when convening in an emergency at nighttime, repeated telephone contact fully utilizing audio technology is extremely effective, so Emergency Call is used by medical institutions as well as many companies that are able to make emergency calls during the night to their employees.

*No. of companies where installed About 1,400 companies, more than 3.5 million users (as of July 2018)

Having duplicate contact centers provides powerful safety confirmation service even during disaster

This service started with a volunteer-based safety confirmation system provided to people in Kobe after the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995. Following many improvements since then in the field of safety confirmation, this service provides disaster-resilient systems, such as the “duplicate contact centers (Kanto and Kansai)” (patented technology) which assumes the occurrence of a large-scale disaster, and “operation design that allows some slack in server processing power” so that services can continue even during a sharp surge in phone and email use.

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