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iRad®-QA Medical Image Inspection System

iRad®-QA is a medical image inspection system that is essential for filmless operation.
In filmless operation, stored medical images have to be distributed within the hospital in optimal conditions.

To do this, our image inspection system iRad®-QA can be installed between the modality and server. It provides a comfortable monitor diagnostic environment, resolving filmless issues by enabling a final check and revision of images according to patient attributes and order information, before sending them to the server.

Furthermore, by making the most of the merits of digital technology and setting each function appropriately to manual or automatic, iRad®-QA helps to reduce the burden on radiology technicians and make their work more efficient.

Image inspection function

DICOM tag correction

Patient attributes or examination information entered incorrectly into the device can be corrected manually or automatically.

Manual correction can be done by inputting directly or selecting from a pulldown menu. Automatic correction can also be done by setting conditions beforehand.


Image checking and modification

Images can be checked and modified in the image viewer.

Window width and window level values can be changed, and CR & MG images can have stamps added, free comments input, or be rotated or reversed.

Image modification by mouse operation can be minimized by using the operation panel.


Alignment sequence modification/deletion

Spliting or merge by examination units and series units can be done, and series or images can be put in a different sequence.

Splitting and deleting images can be done intuitively by dragging and dropping while looking at a list of thumbnails.

Series and studies can be duplicated, enabling modifications while keeping the original images.

Modifications that follow a predetermined pattern can be done automatically by setting conditions beforehand.


Image input/output

General images and DICOM images can be input or output.

iRad®-QA can also deal with cases of patients who have transferred from another hospital or come for a second opinion bringing in their past examination images on a media such as a CD or DVD. Images can be output in DICOM DIR format. (Easy viewer can also be fitted)

RIS linkage

iRad®-QA not only links to DICOM MWM, it can also display order information and direct the RIS to retake during image inspection.

The image inspection status can be sent to the RIS, the image inspector (the person confirming the image) can be controlled from the RIS, and the results can be output as statistics and the data used.

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QA Anywhere (option)

Installing the QA Anywhere option enables image inspection work to be done anywhere without selecting an operation place, even if away from the examination room. Unlike server type systems, the sending and receiving of images is spread among the master image inspection terminals as the previous way for redundancy. By constructing a new style system in which only the image inspection operation is assigned to the client, the burden can be spread.

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