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Our Privacy Policy

Established on December 6, 2000
Revised on October 1, 2015
Norihiro Takehara
President and Chief Executive Officer
Infocom Corporation

Infocom has constructed an ever-improving framework to protect and to manage personal information that our customers provide to us through our business and management activities.

  1. We will comply with a set of company regulations defining the proper practices for collecting, using, and providing personal information in a manner suitable for the field and scale of our business.
  2. We will take proper and thorough measures to prevent and remedy any loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of personal information or any improper access to personal information.
  3. We will comply with all laws, regulations, and codes related to personal information.
  4. We will continually improve our framework for managing personal information.
  5. We will use personal information in accordance with a prescribed purpose, and will never use personal information for any purpose other than the prescribed purpose unless our customers consent and will take measures to make it work.
  6. We will assign divisional administrators for the respective departments in our company that may handle personal information, and will educate and enlighten our employees and board members on the proper management of personal information.
  7. We will respond immediately to any contact from a person requesting the disclosure, correction, deletion, or cessation of use of his or her personal information, as well as any complaint or inquiry from a person regarding the collection or handling of his or her personal information.

Please contact the office below if you have questions about our privacy policy:
IT Planning & Strategy Office
Tel: 03-6866-3000

Privacy Mark

Infocom was granted the use of the Privacy Mark (P Mark) on August 14, 2001 and has been working since as a business certified by Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC). The P Mark complies with the Japan Industrial Standards (JIS Q 15001) relating to personal information protection and verifies that a system for properly handling personal information has been established.

The two-digit numeral in parentheses following the grant number indicates the number of updates.

Scope of Our Privacy Policy

We will take proper care of our customers' personal information in accordance with our privacy policy. Note, however, that we are not responsible for protecting any personal information of a customer collected by or provided to any website linked from our website.

Terms Related to Infocom’s Handling of Personal Information

Personal Information

Information that can be used to identify a specific individual based on a name, birth date, or any other fact or detail composing it. Information that can be used to identify an individual by cross-checking it against other information.

Personal Data

Personal information collect in data forms from searches.

Personal Data Held by Infocom

Personal data Infocom is authorized to disclose.

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