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Contact Form

Use of Personal Information

1. Purpose of Personal Information

Personal information will only be used to respond to inquiries and to provide information about products and services that may be beneficial to the individual.

2. Personal Information and Third Parties

The personal information will never be sold or rented to third parties. We will also never entrust your personal information to third parties for processing.

3. Right to Change Your Personal Information

Customers can access, revise, or delete their personal information by completing the necessary steps.

4. Required and Optional Personal Information

Each Contact Form field specifies whether information is required or optional. Infocom may be unable to answer inquires and introduce appropriate products, if the required information or critical optional information is not provided.

5. Contact Information for Personal Information Inquires

1) Information Service Providers

Infocom Corporation

2) Personal Information Administrator

Manager of IT Planning & Strategy Office

3) Contact

Personal Information Protection Administrator IT Planning & Strategy Office TEL: 03-6866-3000 (front desk) E-mail:

If you agree to the above conditions, please click the "agree" button.

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