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Business Overview

Infocom connects people and improves businesses by offering a wide range of IT solutions and services for home and business.

No matter the industry, Infocom’s powerful Business Solutions connect people and improve processes and systems. We streamline the healthcare system with our CRM, PACS, and research tools, and our ERP and emergency confirmation systems help businesses communicate more smoothly. Finally, we provide peace of mind to Japan’s largest companies by developing, maintaining, operating, and backing up their IT systems.

The Business Solutions Group consists of three divisions: Health IT, Enterprise Service Management, and Business Software.

Health IT

About our Health IT Division

Providing services for over 60 pharmaceutical companies and nearly 2,000 hospitals, Infocom's Health IT division is the leading healthcare solutions provider in Japan. Their products include EMR management software, radiology imaging software, and CRM tools for medical sales representatives.

Hospital IT

Infocom’s Hospital IT products improve efficiency and quality of care, but most importantly, they allow doctors and nurses to spend more time with patients by reducing administrative duties. Our medical scheduling software, PACS, drug information systems (DIS), and clinical decision support systems are widely used throughout Japan.

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Research and Development

Infocom’s Research and Development tools power world-renowned research labs in the drug discovery, chemical, medical, and biological fields. Our core statistical engine powers all of Infocom’s biomarker, gene expression profiling, pathway analysis, and molecular design software.

Enterprise Service Management

About our Enterprise Service Management Division

With over three decades of system integration experience, the Enterprise Service Management division develops, maintains, and operates IT systems for large businesses. We’re ISO9001, 20000, and 27001 certified, and our customers include Teijin Group, Sojitz Group, and numerous telecommunication carriers. We work closely with other IT companies to develop system management solutions and open source network monitoring solutions for our clients.

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Business Software

About our Business Software Division

Infocom’s Business Software division strengthens enterprises by allowing them to harness data, protect their systems, and execute their business strategies. Our flagship products?GRANDIT®, a web based ERP, and Emergency Call®, a safety confirmation system?lead the market in their respective categories. Meanwhile, Infocom’s Digital Archive group works with top libraries and museums to modernize systems and digitize records. Aside from developing IT systems, Infocom tailors third-party software for the Japanese market; LogIT delivers the latest customized IVR technologies to its call centers.

GRANDIT®- Web-based ERP

With over 630 customers, "GRANDIT®" leads all web-based ERPs in Japan. By streamlining workflows across sales, accounting, manufacturing, and HR departments, GRANDIT® empowers business professionals by increasing intradepartmental visibility and by allowing real-time insights. GRANDIT® is affordable, easy to install, industry agnostic, and it’s supported by the "GRANDIT® Consortium," an alliance of IT companies committed to enhancing GRANDIT’s performance.

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Emergency Contact and Safety Confirmation System

"Emergency Call®" enables employers to quickly confirm employee status during natural disasters. Our system leads the safety confirmation market and works powerfully with our business continuity planning (BCP) system.

Enterprise Content Management Systems

Our Enterprise Content Management systems improve communication within the enterprise as well as between companies by allowing secure sharing and management of electronic documents.

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Digital Archive System

Infocom’s Digital Archive System allows organizations to unlock the value and understand the relationships of their documents. To accomplish this, Infocom begins by digitizing the client’s books, research papers, and other documents. Next, using our expertise in RDF and Linked Data, we build robust databases that enable clients to query and manage their digital content. This scalable, total knowledge management system boasts major museums, libraries, and government departments as clients.

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Digital Contents Solution

A multimedia search engine used by government departments and agencies, the Digital Contents Solution allows customers to query data regardless of format?whether text, media, audio, or video.

Infocom’s Digital Entertainment group delights audiences with ebooks, mobile games, e-commerce sites, and other digital media. In 2013, Infocom’s Digital Entertainment group became a subsidiary of Infocom and renamed itself Amutus. So far, Amutus, the largest ebook distributor in Japan, has amassed about eight million unique monthly visitors over its web and mobile platforms. Amutus continues to expand beyond Japan and now distributes games, manga, and other content worldwide.

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Infocom Subsidiary

amutus Corp.

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